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Title Artist Key BPM
Don't Let Me Down Feat. Daya The Chainsmokers 1A / Abm 161.00
Hymn For the Weekend Feat. Beyoncé Coldplay 5A / Cm 90.00
Pillowtalk Zayn 1A / Abm 125.00
Oui Jeremih 8A / Am 120.00
Smoke & Retribution Feat. Vince Staples & Kučka Flume 4A / Fm 122.00
History One Direction 2A / Ebm 87.00
Hello Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria) 3A / Bbm 81.00
Never Be Like You Feat. Kai Flume 8A / Am 121.00
Low Life Future & The Weeknd 5A / Cm 144.00
Light It Up Feat. NYLA & Fuse ODG (YP Remix) Major Lazer 8A / Am 123.00
Just Girly Things (Caked Up Remix) Dawin 10A / Bm 201.00
Dum Dee Dum (JiKay Remix) Keys N Krates 9A / Em 201.00
This Is Your Night MDPC 8A / Am 108.00
No Flex Zone (Baewatch Trap Bootleg) Rae Sremmurd 12B / E 147.00
Something In the Way You Move Ellie Goulding 12A / Dbm 109.00
Break Up In a Small Town Sam Hunt 5B / Eb 136.00
Bake Sale Feat. Travi$ Scott Wiz Khalifa 5B / Eb 140.00
Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) Hilight Tribe 12A / Dbm 139.00
Middle Feat. Bipolar Sunshine DJ Snake 12A / Dbm 105.00
Pray For Em Meek Mill 12A / Dbm 140.00
Hands To Myself Selena Gomez 6A / Gm 111.00
Break On Me Keith Urban 5B / Eb 87.00
Real Friends Kanye West 1A / Abm 86.00
Bleeding Love (Tisso Abcdeep Remix) Leona Lewis 10A / Bm 119.00
Warszawa David Bowie 3A / Bbm 78.00
Time David Bowie 9B / G 75.00
Wonderful Feat. The Weeknd Travi$ Scott 1A / Abm 146.00
Blue Skies Rod Stewart 2A / Ebm 121.00
Long Ago and Far Away Rod Stewart 1B / B 111.00
The End of the World Vonda Shepard 3B / Db 184.00