Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AudioKeychain?

AudioKeychain is a web application that allows users to upload tracks for both key and BPM estimation. The goal of AudioKeychain is to become a community driven resource for DJs, producers, and mashup artists around the world.

2. What is the Database?

The Database is our searchable and editable track collection populated with keys and BPMs to thousands of user submitted tracks. Users vote on the accuracy of the information and contribute to correct any incomplete or incorrect data.

3. How accurate is AudioKeychain?

Key and BPM extraction is a highly complex process which can only result in estimations. The accuracy may vary based on a multitude of factors. AudioKeychain's accuracy remains competitive with the best products in the industry.

4. What does a key of 9A for example mean?

To make key identification more recognizable and user friendly, we altered the well known circle of fifths. We rotated the outer ring five degrees clockwise, and the inner ring one degree counter-clockwise. We then numbered each section as a clock 1-12 and suffixed the inner ring A and the outer ring B. "A" being a minor key, "B" being a major key. This rotation allows a key of [X]A have compatible keys of [X-1]A, [X+1]A, and [X]B.

5. Is AudioKeychain free?

Yes, all of the services we provide are completely free.

6. Why would I use AudioKeychain?

AudioKeychain is used mostly by DJ's and mashup artists to collect key information of their own libraries, or to search for compatible tracks that they may not own.

7. What do you do with my uploaded tracks? Do you keep them?

No. We delete all tracks uploaded to our servers immediately after they are analyzed.

8. What if I don't want my track to be searchable in the database?

After analyzing your tracks, you always have the option to opt out of adding them to the database.

9. Why don't my uploaded tracks show up in the database?

At this point in time all tracks are manually validated before they are made visible and searchable in the database. Bear with us, we're doing our best!

10. I made track changes, why don't they show up?

Currently we need to manually validate each update until we get our automatic validation system in place. Please be patient, we'll get them up!

11. Can I download tracks off of AudioKeychain?

No. Since AudioKeychain does not store any uploaded tracks, they cannot be downloaded.

12. I found a bug what do I do?

First, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would appreciate if you could report any bugs with as much detailed information as possible by contacting us here. Please include your browser information as well as what exactly you were doing at the time.